Behind the Artisan - Yaser Shaw

Behind the Artisan - Yaser Shaw

"In order to be more creative I travel, explore and expand my views as much as I can. I try to see and find those things in life that most people simply overlook."

Yaser Shaw is an esteemed designer and craftsman - combining age-old weaving techniques with a modern design sensibility. As co-owner and head designer of Shaw Brothers, he follows in his family's deep seated history and traditions with woven pashminas of the highest quality. He insists on fair trade employment for both men and women, ensuring this knowledge continues to be passed down from family to family. 


The Yaser Shaw Shawl Collection are unique heirlooms to be treasured for years to come. These intricate designs are completely handmade. They begin from the Pashmin wool of Tibetan goats. Spinning of the yarn is typically done by women, and the weaving and embroidery is done by men. It is woven onto looms and goes through a complicated process of multiple artisans to take it to completion. 

See more of his process in the video below:

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