The Process Behind Our Indigo Collection

The Process Behind Our Indigo Collection


"Accepting imperfections is part of the experience of hand-crafted clothing. Behind each piece, each thread, is a unique story."

-- Cristina Gitti

Matta's founder, Cristina Gitti, has a passion for natural dyes and indigo. She visits India twice a year to oversee production of her pieces. Each item is handcrafted and ultimately a labor of love.

Indigo dye comes from the plant Indigofera and has a long history with textiles dating back to 4000 BC. The plants are harvested and the leaves either left whole or ground into a fine powder.

The yarn is lowered into a vat 10 feet deep in the ground that is fed constantly with Indigo plant powders. Our clothing is both yarn-dyed and piece-dyed, dipped multiple times into the vat depending on the desired intensity of the color. Enjoy your unique textiles! 

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