Matta is committed to a thoughtful lifestyle with the intent to tread lightly and respect the natural world around us. Forever inspired by nature, which is reflected in Matta's prints by Cristina Gitti (founder/designer), and our production - collections are composed of natural fibers - lightweight cotton, wools, and silks tailored to create dresses, kaftans, dupatta shawls and tops.  Gitti designs for women seeking a well-traveled and laid back style.
Her worldwide travels and discoveries inspire everything Cristina Gitti brings to her handmade clothing and textile company, Matta. "Behind each piece of hand-craft clothing, behind each thread is a unique story."
-Cristina Gitti, matta's founder/designer
Cristina's devotion to handmade crafts stems from her appreciation for cultures struggling to maintain their traditions and the thread that links each generation- past and future. Matta's collections combines traditional techniques with vibrant new colors, balancing a traditional and modern aesthetic.
We hope women love our finished product as much as we love creating it for them.