Cristina's World

"When designing matta's clothing, Cristina Gitti's creative process is often focused on translating traditional ethnic and folk pieces into something more contemporary. This process sometimes means making minor changes to the silhouettes, applying different stitch work to the garments that may appeal to broader standards, and reconsidering the colors to suit today’s daily life." 

Most of Matta's silhouettes are suited for easy dressing and a more leisurely lifestyle- "The loose-fitting clothing makes it easy to wear. I wear it casually with flats in spring and summer and with boots in fall and winter. I wash pieces by hand and hang them on a hanger to dry quickly, no need to iron them. They are easy to care for and fold up small, so they are perfect for storage and travel. I hope you will enjoy wearing them with jeans and layering them out of season as well. No rules, just pure freedom.”

The goal is always to honor the origins of the costume Cristina finds and the makers who are part of a larger lineage and tradition of creating these wearable works of art. Matta is part of the battle to conserve and support these creators and their traditions.