On View: Home Is Where the Heart Is

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Having lived in 11 different houses before her adolescence, much of Morgana’s childhood imagination was consumed with architectural spaces, in search of consistency within her ever changing surroundings.

By drawing and stitching these imagined homes, Morgana has found comfort in her ability to access a sense of home beyond physical spaces. This series of embroidered houses calls upon her favorite parts of her previous homes, altered and developed through the lens of memory. 

Morgana grew up on eastern Long Island and moved to New York City after receiving her B.A. in printmaking and fiber arts at Bennington College.

Visit matta soho at 241 lafayette street to see Morgana's installation. 



If you are interested in a customized home, please contact Morgana at mtetherowkeller@gmail.com or through www.morganatetherow-keller.com

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